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When you are on a podcast about mental health, sometimes you have to take a step back and really examine yourself when you relisten to your episodes. I share in an upcoming episode that I had restarted therapy, which I did a few months ago. But now we moved again, and I've got another new insurance plan- so I have to find a new therapist. And I've been holding out. Do I even know why? Yes... and deep down it's because I'm not even feeling like I have the space in my life for me to have one hour right now a week just to talk to someone about all of the things going on upstairs.

I share a lot of perspectives on the podcast from a moms point of view- and that's because that is what I am. A mother- who is so busy pouring into everyone else that I find myself totally emotionally dried up at the end of the day.

With our recent move, I've been stacked up on stacked with all of "the things" - getting the kids ready to go back to school, juggling unpacking, remodeling a lot of our house- and in doing the remodeling finding all sorts of other issues hidden that we didn't know about.

I haven't openly shared yet either but my eldest daughter has been battling a mental illness and we are starting a new path to get her the proper help- so that also involves a reset of sorts around here in the home. I'm not ready to share all of the details, but the situation that occured has honestly left me with what I do feel I can openly describe as PTSD from the situation.

Navigating the various roads in life is tough.... and right now I feel like I'm on a long drawn out bumpy road with some huge ass pot holes along the way. I wish I could say I have an emotionally supportive outlet too, but even right now things are rough between my husband and I with all of the shift, plus he travels 5 days a week. Sometimes it's just easier to smile and say I've got it all under control. I'm horribly good at masking- to the point where I just do it because that's been years of what I was used to! Bury it deep down, and just "keep on trucking" for the sake of everyone else.

Past Liane would have definitely wallowed in these feelings though, and not allowed them to process as needed. I find myself in waves of sadness, anger, and complete overwhelm at times. But I have the skills now to realize the moments of those feelings aren't forever. I can allow myself to feel them, and find myself centered again after with the proper tools.

I'm also getting back to coping skills that I had learned previously, things that I KNOW work for me, that keep my head and heart focused-

This week I started back up on my morning workouts. It's one thing that keeps me grounded. Being able to feel the strength in my body, is a reminder of my capability. It's also a time where the kids mostly leave me alone- LOL.... I mean wishful thinking to get a full 45 minute workout uninterrupted, but I'm getting there. It really is a matter of me waking up before everyone else and that has yet to happen just yet, but I will get there.

I've also been reaching back into my daily journaling of things I am grateful for. While that may sound cheesy to some, it's a very helpful tool to me personally. To know that I am blessed with the growth that I have had, the tools we do have here in this new town to help guide my daughter, and so many other aspects of life. It's good to remind myself during these tough days of all of the little things that make me smile, and I write those down too.

Another way I've been focusing on the present is by actually being present. I've been taking more photos, planning adventures/day trips for the kids and I (my husband travels a lot) and making sure to spend lots of time outdoors with all of them. We've also taken up "morning journal" time as a family during the week where they have the option to journal, or draw something creative and can feel free to share or not, depending on how they're feeling. It usually ends up with more coloring but that's ok!

Anyways, that's an update on me. Trying to just stay focused over here and remembering all the tools I have at hand to navigate during rocky times. Thanks for reading!

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